Monday, September 25, 2017

Tea and the Dreaded Curse

Okay first let me say I don't believe it is a curse...having a menstrual cycle is a normal part of most women's lives. So let's continue...

What can teas can help ease your symptoms or even shorten your period? Herbal teas especially blended for pms or menstruation work wonderfully to help ease pms and symptoms during menstruation.

Caffeinated teas and strong brews of raspberry leaf tea can shorten menstruation. In my experience this has worked nearly every single time. Different results depending on how soon or late I started the regimen. I start the day of or one to two days before.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Excellent Value Priced Tea Review

I found something great and extremely affordable! It is a ginger based herbal tea blend! This tea is known to be great for the digestive tract, immune system and combating stress. So far I have experienced all of these with this tea and it only cost me $1!

This brand is often found at Hispanic or Latin grocery stores as well as the ethnic isles in most stores. The brand in Tadin and I have seen similar brands around too. All very affordable.

So I'm happy that the $1 spent was well worth it. What do you think? Do you know of any well made value priced teas? Feel free to comment them below.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Caffeine Free Tea Enjoyment

Many of my readers are in search for enjoyable caffeine free teas. I am here to tell you there are plenty out there. As I come across places online that will make them easily accessible for all of you, I will post them here on this page and perhaps on others too. For starters decaff isn't always caffeine free as I'm sure many of you know. So what do you do? Go for herbal teas that do not contain nay form of green, white, black, oolong or puher teas.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Why You Should TRADE Your COFFEE For TEA

Ok don't come after me just yet... I know coffee is amazing...and black coffee can be just as good for some as tea. Ok, sure, got it. BUT! What if it is too much for you? What if you could get MORE benefits from tea? Would you switch? Even consider it? Well I did! I noticed the difference I felt coffee gave me a boost but I would space out, have foggy thoughts...with teas I didn't experience this not even with black tea. I also noticed there were no jitters after even 3 to 4 cups of tea. So! How is that? I don't really know a doctor of mine once mentioned something about tannins and something else found in coffee. Even connected me to a group especially for people with this reaction to coffee. Some reported passing out and other horrible reactions, gah!

Needless to say I put the coffee down for good and the artificial sweeteners but that's a post for another day. Nothing gives me the same amount of clean and clear energy that tea does. Nothing has helped me clear my skin or drop a few pounds like good ol' tea does. So what are you waiting for!?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What to Use to Brew Tea - How to Make Tea

OK so you want to make an excellent cup of tea every time or perhaps just simplify your tea making experience? Keep reading. I have over two decades of heavy tea experience. What you will need: An excellent electric tea kettle. One hat allows you to use specific temperatures and various teas have different recommendations for brewing temps.

The ideal steeping cups/mugs are concealed ones. Something that allows the heat and the water do it's best job in extracting all of the nutrients and flavor from the leaves. The same applies for steeping flowers, roots, bark, etc.

And Lastly make sure you weight the correct amount of time to let the tea steep. I never wait any less than 5 minutes and often wait as long as 8 to 13 min for a really strong cup. Bon appetit!

How I Accidentaly Lost Weight Drinking Oolong Tea

So I came across oolong tea during a random Asia grocery store visit about 2 hours away from my house. Grabbed some teas and went about my day. I decided to try them out and see what they do and the OOLONG tea did a lot for me. I ended up losing about 14lbs in two weeks without changing anything about my diet or lifestyle.

I went on to lose 30lbs with this tea! I used different brands and most worked well. The ones that tasted and looked a lot like black or earl grey did not work s well. The happy medium ones worked THE BEST.

I lost the additional 16lbs in under 2 weeks about 20 days. I stopped eating past 7pm and would go for a 30 min morning walk. I drank this tea 1 to 3 times per day and the results were great!

Prince of Peace Organic Tea, Oolong, 100 Tea Bags

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Here is a Giveaway for Tea Lovers and All Who Want to Win

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Tea to Save Your Life #1

I will post a series of life saving teas; teas that fight cancer, build immunity, strengthen parts of the body, etc. HUGE DISCLAIMER!! I am not giving medical advice and I am NOT a doctor! Please consult with a licensed health care professional. I share what has worked for me! Along with what I have read much about.

Chai tea without dairy or sweeteners. YES CHAI; with cardamom. This actually helped me open up my airways and saved my friend's partner when he was having an asthma attack! He went on to use this a natural remedy to manage his asthma. More than 10 years later he is alive and works a hard labor job!

I enjoyed similar blends with eucalyptus any basic herbal or herbal green or herbal black tea blend of chair should do. I have never tried this with any sort of additive like honey or anything nor has anyone I know. Results most likely would be less effective or non existent doing so.

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Tea During a Hurricane

I know there can't be any tea that good right? Well that's a matter of opinion. I personally need tea. It is something that gets me through it all good bad and in-between. Hearing the news of my friends and loved ones prepare to ride out the storms have had my mind reeling. So what do we do? Made some delicious cups of gourmet ginger green tea(lovely blends), waited impatiently for calls and Facebook updates.. Still waiting.. Already on my next cup of tea!

I truly hope to see everyone recover from all these storms! I wish I could help. I made a Tshirt campaign that seems idle and I know we NEED many avenues of direct funding to reach everyone. The Red Cross and other non profits can only do so much. I urge everyone to reach out and help if you can.

How to survive a Hurricane GET OUT GET to SAFETY! DON"T WAIT!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Do YOU know how to make the perfect cup of tea, every time? Do you fantasize about heavenly tasting teas? Are you interested in the health benefits of teas and would you like to know how to get some of those benefits for yourself?

Okay that was a lot of yes! So that is why I created this blog. I even purchased the domain name. It'll be set up correctly soon, don't worry! My mission is to spread my passion for tea.

Tea has literally saved my life years ago and it has greatly aided in my weight loss, maintenance and what in beautifying my skin. Did you know tea can brighten your eyes? Would you like to know which and how? Ofcourse, stay tuned!