Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Tea to Save Your Life #1

I will post a series of life saving teas; teas that fight cancer, build immunity, strengthen parts of the body, etc. HUGE DISCLAIMER!! I am not giving medical advice and I am NOT a doctor! Please consult with a licensed health care professional. I share what has worked for me! Along with what I have read much about.

Chai tea without dairy or sweeteners. YES CHAI; with cardamom. This actually helped me open up my airways and saved my friend's partner when he was having an asthma attack! He went on to use this a natural remedy to manage his asthma. More than 10 years later he is alive and works a hard labor job!

I enjoyed similar blends with eucalyptus any basic herbal or herbal green or herbal black tea blend of chair should do. I have never tried this with any sort of additive like honey or anything nor has anyone I know. Results most likely would be less effective or non existent doing so.

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