Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tea During a Hurricane

I know there can't be any tea that good right? Well that's a matter of opinion. I personally need tea. It is something that gets me through it all good bad and in-between. Hearing the news of my friends and loved ones prepare to ride out the storms have had my mind reeling. So what do we do? Made some delicious cups of gourmet ginger green tea(lovely blends), waited impatiently for calls and Facebook updates.. Still waiting.. Already on my next cup of tea!

I truly hope to see everyone recover from all these storms! I wish I could help. I made a Tshirt campaign that seems idle and I know we NEED many avenues of direct funding to reach everyone. The Red Cross and other non profits can only do so much. I urge everyone to reach out and help if you can.

How to survive a Hurricane GET OUT GET to SAFETY! DON"T WAIT!

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