Sunday, September 17, 2017

What to Use to Brew Tea - How to Make Tea

OK so you want to make an excellent cup of tea every time or perhaps just simplify your tea making experience? Keep reading. I have over two decades of heavy tea experience. What you will need: An excellent electric tea kettle. One hat allows you to use specific temperatures and various teas have different recommendations for brewing temps.

The ideal steeping cups/mugs are concealed ones. Something that allows the heat and the water do it's best job in extracting all of the nutrients and flavor from the leaves. The same applies for steeping flowers, roots, bark, etc.

And Lastly make sure you weight the correct amount of time to let the tea steep. I never wait any less than 5 minutes and often wait as long as 8 to 13 min for a really strong cup. Bon appetit!

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