Monday, September 18, 2017

Why You Should TRADE Your COFFEE For TEA

Ok don't come after me just yet... I know coffee is amazing...and black coffee can be just as good for some as tea. Ok, sure, got it. BUT! What if it is too much for you? What if you could get MORE benefits from tea? Would you switch? Even consider it? Well I did! I noticed the difference I felt coffee gave me a boost but I would space out, have foggy thoughts...with teas I didn't experience this not even with black tea. I also noticed there were no jitters after even 3 to 4 cups of tea. So! How is that? I don't really know a doctor of mine once mentioned something about tannins and something else found in coffee. Even connected me to a group especially for people with this reaction to coffee. Some reported passing out and other horrible reactions, gah!

Needless to say I put the coffee down for good and the artificial sweeteners but that's a post for another day. Nothing gives me the same amount of clean and clear energy that tea does. Nothing has helped me clear my skin or drop a few pounds like good ol' tea does. So what are you waiting for!?

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